saima Psychic | About Me
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About Me

Born with extraordinary psychic abilities, which has been from generations in my maternal side and which I inherited from my eldest maternal uncle with whom being a strong bond was easy to connect and explore my journey to the unknown. Without my mother and sisters support it could not have been possible, who always taught me to believe in my inner vibes, my gift and my powers.

Along with my excruciating journey, Life’s toughest lessons and eventually its deepest meaning were learned
I strongly believe in faith and trust in what lies beyond.
with growing psychic powers, and assisting the people around the world with uncanny ability to see back into the past…and forward into the future. I am totally down-to-earth, blunt, devoted to my own vision of the truth.
I enjoy working with my clients to help them identify their specific soul path to ensure that they make the most of all the opportunities that are available and help them dissolve the blocks that stop them being who they truly are.
With my accurate and in depth readings I wish to carry on sharing my spiritual gift as an intuitive councilor and life coach to help people who need direction in their life.
I have successfully helped many people to overcome situations such as love, career, health and much more for 18 years throughout UK AND UAE.