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Lenormand Card Reading

Lenormand card reading :
The Lenormand cards are a type of oracle deck that originated in 19thcentury Europe, and that has remained popular there. In America and England, however, it was unknown or overlooked until recently, when it has become almost an obsession with a growing group of card readers, many of whom also read the Tarot. The Lenormand deck tends to be minimalistic, with cards depicting, for example, a ring, a scythe, or a book, and it tends to apply definite meanings to these images, such as commitment for the ring, danger for the scythe, and secrets for the book. This limitation is useful when the cards are used for divination, and I apply similar basic meanings to the cards when I work with the Tarot. However, I also look into the images in the Tarot for deeper spiritual guidance, and I noticed that many non-Lenormand oracle decks have similar spiritual or mythic dimensions.
Because Lenormand meanings are so literal, they often hit their mark in a way that can be quite eerie. This leads many people to call the cards a fortune telling deck.
The deck is used to predict what will happen in a given day, how a relationship will turn out, whether you will get a job, how events will unfold, and so on. If there is an area of your life you would like to know about or some gossip you are would like to hear, Lenormand cards can fill you in on all the details.