saima Psychic | Palmistry
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For thousands of years, people believed their future could be read in the lines etched into the palm of their hands. The ancient art of palmistry, originating in India, claimed a close examination of the hand could not only reveal what kind of person you were, but also other information such as when you might die.
Like many other cosmological beliefs, it’s tempting to ask whether there might not be a kernel of truth to palmistry; that somehow the ancients intuited the workings of nature revealed today by the natural sciences.

Since the Victorian age palmistry has come in and out of fashion amongst society as a whole. At times it is seen as simple amusement but increasing knowledge of anatomy has shown led to increasing acceptance that the lines of the palm convey information about our body and history. Indeed the lines themselves change continuously and a good palmist can see differences in as little as 3-month intervals. The meaning of the lines has been understood for some time now and the knowledge of palmistry itself can be learned.